Version 0.9.2

  • CHANGE: The old CMake policy CMP0004, which was required for some MPI installations, is no longer set. If this is still required: Please contact us.
  • CHANGE: Fortran modules are now installed in /lib, instead of /include/modules.
  • Feature: Integration tests are only generated if CM_ALL_TESTS_INTEGRATION is set.
  • Feature: Example CMake and Make projects for integrating ALL into the build process.
  • Bug: CMake dependencies between targets and link and include inheritance corrected.
  • Feature: Add ALL_Tensor feature test.
  • Bug: VTK fails to include , so we take care of that (for GCC 11 and VTK 9.3.0)
  • Bug: setVertices was required for printVTKoutlines to output updated vertices.
  • Feature: Fortran API supports retrieval of error string
  • Feature: Testing against VTK 7 as well as 9
  • Bug: A nested namespace definition was removed, which is only allowed in C++17.