Commit 3184175e authored by Niklas Selke's avatar Niklas Selke
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Removed unnecessary checks from the 'check_data' function in ''.

parent bd6ce5d1
......@@ -71,11 +71,6 @@ def check_data(data_in, datetimes_in, values_in):
:return: The processed data argument or None if there was a problem
while processing the given data argument
if (data_in is not None
and not (datetimes_in is None and values_in is None)):
return None
if data_in is None and (datetimes_in is None or values_in is None):
return None
if isinstance(data_in, (pd.DataFrame, pd.Series)):
index_out = data_in.index
if isinstance(data_in, pd.Series):
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