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The 'check_crops' function now raises a 'ValueError' if there is any problem...

The 'check_crops' function now raises a 'ValueError' if there is any problem with the given 'crops' argument.
parent 6d25e6e5
......@@ -280,26 +280,39 @@ def check_seasons(seasons_in, seasons_req):
return seasons_out
def check_crops(crops_in):
def check_crops(crops_in, crops_req):
"""Check the given crops argument.
:param crops_in: the given crops argument
:param crops_req: boolean denoting whether the crops argument is
:return: The processed crops argument or None if there was a problem
while processing the given crops argument
:raises ValueError: raised if the crops argument is required and not
None and either not a type of list or a string
or empty or any given crop is not recognized
:return: A list of crops or None if the crops argument is either
not needed or None
if not isinstance(crops_in, (list, str)):
if not crops_req or crops_in is None:
return None
crops_in_list = [crops_in] if isinstance(crops_in, str) else crops_in
if not isinstance(crops_in, (list, set, tuple, str)):
raise ValueError("The crops argument must be a list, set, tuple or"
" string")
if not crops_in:
raise ValueError("No crops given")
crops_in_list = [crops_in] if isinstance(crops_in, str) else list(crops_in)
crops_out = []
for crop in crops_in_list:
if not isinstance(crop, str):
raise ValueError("Crops must be given as strings")
crop = crop.strip()
if crop in {"wheat", "rice"} and crop not in crops_out:
if crop in crops_out:
if crop in {"wheat", "rice"}:
if not crops_out:
return None
raise ValueError(f"{crop} is not a recognized crop")
return crops_out
......@@ -111,5 +111,5 @@ def calculate_statistics(
station_lat_req, station_lon_req, station_climatic_zone_req
seasons_list = check_seasons(seasons, seasons_req)
crops_list = check_crops(crops)
crops_list = check_crops(crops, crops_req)
data_capture_value = check_data_capture(data_capture)
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