Maintenance at Wednesday, 30. June 2021

The GitLab service has been moved to a new server.

changes that may require user action

  • ssh host keys have been changed ( may cause errors/warnings calling git clone ssh:// because of old/invalid keys in known_hosts )
  • path in the configuration of the runners has to be changed and runner has to be restarted
  • login to the docker registry has changed

new default pathes ( old pathes still work, no user action required )

  • gitlab.jsc.fz-juelich.de is the new default name of the JSC GitLab (gitlab.version redirects to gitlab.jsc ).
  • gitlab ssh now uses default ssh port
    old path: git clone ssh://git@gitlab.version.fz-juelich.de:10022/GROUP/PROJECT.git
    new path: git clone git@gitlab.jsc.fz-juelich.de:GROUP/PROJECT.git
    You can either retain the old path or switch to the new path with:
    git remote set-url origin git@gitlab.jsc.fz-juelich.de:GROUP/PROJECT.git
  • registry
    old path: docker pull gitlab.version.fz-juelich.de:5555/GROUP/PROJECT
    new path: docker pull registry.jsc.fz-juelich.de/GROUP/PROJECT

registry is now also available from outside fz-juelich.de