1. 17 Jul, 2019 9 commits
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      silence some warnings · eb4bee9f
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      handle missing switch case in events · 971cfa1e
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      indent file and remove warning · 12178a05
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      Fix trivially fixable warnings (#411) · 01d7ea87
      Ozaq authored and Mohcine Chraibi's avatar Mohcine Chraibi committed
      3/2 more serious warnigns on gcc/clang remain.
      A bunch of -Wdeprecated-copy warnings have been fixed
      E.g. class Point had explicit Copy C-tor which forces an implicit copy
      asignment operator. -Wdeprecated-copy complains about this. See rule of
      Several signed/unsigned comparisons could be removed by changing loop
      variables to size_t instead of int or unsigned int.
      Missing return statements added several functions.
      Several variable shadowing warnings have been fixed by renaming the
      shadowing variable.
      Unused parameters have been omited from function signatures so that no
      UNUSED macro is neccesary anymore. Also the macro has been removed since
      the lambda capture trick now triggers a warning on clang for an unused
      cpature. Since now all unused vars are gone I simply removed the macro.
      Some unneccesary const casts have been removed.
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      train interface (#409) · ea1fbaf7
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      * Add files via upload
      * Add files via upload
      * WIP: Interface of trains
      * Parsing train tables and types
      - Parsing these information in two separate files
      - Format in #300
      * Adding train information to building
      * Fix bug in parsing train doors
      * New direction strategy 12 trains
      * new train direction strategy
      * open/close doors according to train time table
      * correct distance calculation for train doors
      * adapt xml format of train_types
      * Change structure of Train_Type with length
      * Add platform data structure
      - timetable has platform_id
      * bug in parsing wall's type
      * Flag existance of train constraints
      * Data structure ready for train arrivals
      * Hack to keep agents without goal in the simu
      * Avoid SegFault in Router
      * platforms have pointer to subroom (not id)
      * Reset changes to geometry
      * Debugging: SegFault after adding Trans
      * Refactoring simulation and init router
      still does not work!!
      * First Working train schedule
      - Works only for model=3 + ff_quickest + strategy 8
      - Later will be extended to other models
      * write train files in trajectory txt
      * set type of newy added trans (track)
      * Remove trans also from Building
      * Regulate flow through trains
      * Implement second case to handle curved geometries
      * Fix bug while erasing from vectors
      * timestamp vtk-files
      * Last part of correct train geometry
      * Silence some warnings from router
      * Transform coordinates of doors relatively to track
      * disable some warnings
      * bug in train doors (wrong id incrementation)
      * Changed to ReInit router
      geometries may change during simulation
      * Fix problem of intersection of doors
      Sometimes train's doors are exactly on the edges of walls.
      This commit fixes this problem.
      * path issues with trajectories
      this commit solves issues addressed in:
      - #324
      - #326
      * flow name for case rate
      * adapt test to new flow file
      * write out all files with abs path
      - Changes to  ProjectRootDir: probable side effects.
      --> needs testing
      * Fix a compile problem
      * inifile can be original structure now
      * np.linspace is used in master_ini file
      * refactoring parse header and fixing CI
      * remove unnecessary files
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      Merge pull request #410 from Ozaq/fix_clang8_build · 80851780
      Mohcine Chraibi authored
      Fix clang 8 build
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