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WIP:Utest, methods, ini-file, more than one measurement area for methods

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......@@ -35,9 +35,26 @@
<area_B id="5" type="BoundingBox" zPos="None">
<vertex x="20" y="12" />
<vertex x="24" y="12" />
<vertex x="24" y="8" />
<vertex x="20" y="8" />
<area_L id="6" type="Line" zPos="None">
<start x="28.0" y="8.0" />
<end x="28.0" y="12.0" />
<area_B id="7" type="BoundingBox" zPos="None">
<vertex x="24" y="12" />
<vertex x="28" y="12" />
<vertex x="28" y="8" />
<vertex x="20" y="8" />
<vertex x="24" y="8" />
<length_in_movement_direction distance="4" />
<area_B id="8" type="BoundingBox" zPos="None">
<vertex x="24" y="12" />
<vertex x="28" y="12" />
<vertex x="28" y="8" />
<vertex x="24" y="8" />
......@@ -45,25 +62,29 @@
<method_A enabled="true">
<measurement_area id="2" frame_interval="2" plot_time_series="false" />
<measurement_area id="6" frame_interval="2" plot_time_series="false" />
<method_B enabled="true">
<measurement_area id="4" />
<measurement_area id="7" />
<method_C enabled="true">
<measurement_area id="3" plot_time_series="false" />
<measurement_area id="4" plot_time_series="false" />
<method_D enabled="true">
<measurement_area id="5" start_frame="None" stop_frame="None" get_individual_FD="true" plot_time_series="false"/>
<measurement_area id="8" start_frame="None" stop_frame="None" get_individual_FD="true" plot_time_series="false"/>
<one_dimensional enabled="false"/>
<cut_by_circle enabled="true" radius="1.0" edges="10"/>
<output_voronoi_cells enabled="false" plot_graphs="false"/>
<profiles enabled="false" grid_size_x="0.20" grid_size_y="0.20"/>
<method_I enabled="false">
<method_I enabled="true">
<measurement_area id="1" start_frame="None" stop_frame="None" get_individual_FD="true"/>
<cut_by_circle enabled="true" radius="1.0" edges="10"/>
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