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Add test case for documents with large number of slides

This is, in part, in anticipation of changes to the progress bar. In the past I had troubles with computing numbers when documents reach a 150 pages. For the current implementation of the progress bar this might not be the case, because it uses TikZ. But: Let's see.
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......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ cmd%xelatex = $(XELATEX)
cmd%lualatex = $(LUALATEX)
engines = pdflatex xelatex lualatex
targets = minimal minimal_handout tutorial
targets = minimal minimal_handout tutorial many-pages
%/minimal: src
@mkdir -p $(@D)
......@@ -23,6 +23,9 @@ targets = minimal minimal_handout tutorial
@mkdir -p $(@D)
cd $(@D) && $(cmd%$*) ../../tutorial/tutorial.tex
%/many-pages: src
@mkdir -p $(@D)
cd $(@D) && $(cmd%$*) ../many-pages.tex
all: $(engines)
\title{Test for Very Long Documents}
\subtitle{Large numbers might break computation}
\author{The Count}
\institute{Institute of Natural Numbers, INN}
\foreach \x in {1, ..., 150} {
This is slide \x
\frametitle{The End}
We're done. Thanks for your cooperation.
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