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color fixes and instructions

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% Latex-Beamer Template Research Centre Juelich
% version 17.12
% version 18.09
% please report any problems to
% this version does support pdflatex, xelatex and lualatex
......@@ -22,16 +22,16 @@
\definecolor{fzjgreen}{RGB}{185, 210, 95} % FZJ grass green
\definecolor{fzjyellow}{RGB}{250, 235, 90} % FZJ citrus yellow
\definecolor{fzjviolet}{RGB}{175, 130, 185} % FZJ Hyacinth violet
\definecolor{fzjorange}{RGB}{250, 180, 90} % FZJ apricot orange
......@@ -11,3 +11,18 @@
\frametitle{Using Corporate Colors}
In text:
\item \verb+\textcolor{colorname-text}{text}+\\
There is a \textcolor{fzjgreen}{green} word in this sentence.
\item \verb+\colorbox{colorname-background}{content}+\\
\colorbox{fzjorange}{This text is on an \textcolor{fzjred}{orange} background.}
\item \verb+\fcolorbox{colorname-frame}{colorname-background}{content}+\\
\fcolorbox{fzjblue}{fzjlightblue}{\textcolor{fzjviolet}{This colored text is in a colorful framed box.}}
In TikZ, pgfplots: use the named colors in any color specification.
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@
\verb+\pgfpagesuselayout{16 on 1}[a4paper,landscape,border shrink=5mm]+
\begin{block}{Further Reading -- See {\tt Latex-Beamer} manual for details}
......@@ -45,8 +45,8 @@
\begin{block}{Reset back to default settings}
\verb+\setbeamertemplate{footer element1}[default]+
\verb+\setbeamertemplate{footer element1}[default]+
\verb+\setbeamertemplate{footer element1}[default]+
\verb+\setbeamertemplate{footer element2}[default]+
\verb+\setbeamertemplate{footer element3}[default]+
\setbeamertemplate{footer element1}[default]
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