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Feature/simple test cases

Stephan Schulz requested to merge feature/simple_test_cases into refactor

Add a few simple examples, that can also be used as test cases of "full" programs.

This should test quite a few cases for all methods.

Current important cases to consider:

  • 1) Staggered: 1d static system must obey minimum domain size constraint
  • 2) Staggered: 1d system, which shrinks, but must obey minimum domain size constraint (will fail at the moment)
  • 3) Staggered: same as 1), but from Fortran to show that interface as well.
  1. is given in ALL_Staggered.cpp already.

Also todo is to create a way to check the tests for validity. The proposal here is to generate a known good output and commit that. Then run the example and compare its output with the known good solution. For this we need a method to compare (with a certain degree of leeway to account for floating point rounding) the two sets of data. This shold not be difficult to code, once the output format is decided upon.

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