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add netcdf file

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......@@ -12,13 +12,12 @@
##jutil env activate -p deepacf
module --force purge
module purge
module use $OTHERSTAGES
module load Stages/2019a
module addad Intel/2019.3.199-GCC-8.3.0 ParaStationMPI/5.2.2-1
module load h5py/2.9.0-Python-3.6.8
module load mpi4py/3.0.1-Python-3.6.8
#module load mpi4py/3.0.1-Python-3.6.8
module load netcdf4-python/
srun python ../../workflow_parallel_frame_prediction/DataExtraction/ --source_dir /p/fastdata/slmet/slmet111/met_data/ecmwf/era5/nc/2017/ --destination_dir /p/scratch/deepacf/scarlet/extractedData
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