Labels can be applied to issues and merge requests. Group labels are available for any project within the group.


  • .doing
    status label
  • .done
    status label
  • .rejected
    status label
  • .todo
    status label
  • bug
    The issue documents broken, incorrect, or confusing behavior.
  • confirmed
    The issue is labeled as bug or critical and has been confirmed by the repository’s maintainer.
  • critical
    The issue causes data loss, crashes or hangs processes, makes the system unresponsive, etc. The workaround is too complex and unacceptable.
  • discussion
    The issue is a discussion that is not necessarily related to a concrete bug or feature. The outcome of the discussion may be the creation of one or both of the latter. In association with suggestion, enhancement or bug, it means that the issue cannot be closed soon, because further discussion is needed.
  • documentation
    The issue relates to documentation of the software.
  • enhancement
    The issue is a request for new specific functionality including changes, enhancements, refactors, etc.
  • idea
    The issue is a marker for ideas, that are not that concrete to be realized soon, and which might even not be realizable. This category is a memory bank for your creative ideas, that might otherwise be forgotten. Potential use of these issues in a funding proposal.
  • suggestion
    The issue is a proposal for new functionality, performance enhancement, design changes, etc., that will require several enhancements.
  • support
    The issue involves support needed from another person/group (f. ex. getting machine hosted through FZJ firewall).