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halve also data loading in batch creation

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......@@ -144,8 +144,8 @@ class KerasIterator(keras.utils.Sequence):
mod_rank = self._get_model_rank()
for data in self._collection:
logging.debug(f"prepare batches for {str(data)}")
X = data.get_X(upsampling=self.upsampling)
Y = [data.get_Y(upsampling=self.upsampling)[0] for _ in range(mod_rank)]
X, _Y = data.get_data(upsampling=self.upsampling)
Y = [_Y[0] for _ in range(mod_rank)]
if self.upsampling:
X, Y = self._permute_data(X, Y)
if remaining is not None:
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