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update tests, ready for merge

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......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ class TestPreProcessing:
def obj_with_exp_setup(self):
ExperimentSetup(stations=['DEBW107', 'DEBY081', 'DEBW013', 'DEBW076', 'DEBW087', 'DEBW001'],
ExperimentSetup(stations=['DEBW107', 'DEBY081', 'DEBW013', 'DEBW076', 'DEBW087', 'DEBW99X'],
statistics_per_var={'o3': 'dma8eu', 'temp': 'maximum'}, station_type="background",
pre = object.__new__(PreProcessing)
......@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ class TestPreProcessing:
def test_create_set_split_all_stations(self, caplog, obj_with_exp_setup):
obj_with_exp_setup.create_set_split(slice(0, 2), "awesome")
message = "Awesome stations (len=6): ['DEBW107', 'DEBY081', 'DEBW013', 'DEBW076', 'DEBW087', 'DEBW001']"
message = "Awesome stations (len=6): ['DEBW107', 'DEBY081', 'DEBW013', 'DEBW076', 'DEBW087', 'DEBW99X']"
assert ('root', 10, message) in caplog.record_tuples
data_store = obj_with_exp_setup.data_store
assert isinstance(data_store.get("data_collection", "general.awesome"), DataCollection)
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